Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all personal information collected, stored, used and transmitted by TalentMansion. TalentMansion’s contact information is provided at the end of this privacy policy.

For the purposes of the UAE General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), if you are based in the United Arab Emirates, TalentMansion is both a controller and processor of your personal information.

We may amend this privacy policy at any time by posting the amended policy on our website (“Website”). All amendments to the privacy policy will take effect immediately upon such posting.

TalentMansion’s services are described in full in TalentMansion’s terms of use (“Terms of Use”), as updated from time to time.

Privacy of your information

You have the right to access and correct your personal information that is held by us at any time. Requests for such access and correction requirements can be made to the contact details at the end of this privacy policy.

If you are a resident of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), you also have the right to:

  • request the erasure of any or all of your personal information;
  • restrict or object to the processing of any or all of your personal information;
  • withdraw any consent to processing that you have previously given in respect of any or all of your personal information (where it does not prevent TalentMansion from complying with its obligations to you under the Terms of Use);

Please note that where TalentMansion is not, or is no longer, in a position to identify you within the information we hold (including because of any de-identification techniques we may have employed), then your rights as described above shall not apply.

TalentMansion will respond to any request made in respect of the above in accordance with the GDPR where you are resident of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and in all other instances in accordance with the Privacy Act.

TalentMansion will respond to any request made in respect of the above without delay, but in any case within one (1) month of a request, or two (2) months where the requests are complex or numerous (in which case, we will inform you of such delay).

Data Minimisation, Retention and Erasure

TalentMansion will only collect personal information that is necessary for the legitimate purposes and on the lawful basis described in this privacy policy, and otherwise as expressly consented to by you.

If you make a request for TalentMansion to delete your personal information, and we no longer have a legitimate purpose to retain your data, we will securely delete your profile and personal data. Any back-up copies of your data will be archived out and deleted within 45 days of your request being actioned.

If you wish to retain a copy of your personal information (or any part of it) please contact TalentMansion (using the details given at the end of this privacy policy) prior to you requesting deletion of your data.

Despite the above, TalentMansion may:

  1. in some cases, retain a copy of your profile and account activity in order to fulfil our Trust and Safety obligations. Data retained for Trust and Safety purposes will be archived and stored in a secure manner after your account has been closed, and will not be accessed unless required for Trust and Safety reasons.
  2. Retain personal information in an aggregated, de-identified or otherwise anonymous form, such that there is no reliable way of identifying you from the information.

Data Security

TalentMansion will collect, store, use or transmit your personal information securely using technical and administrative security measures as are reasonable in the circumstances and that reduce the risk of accidental or unauthorised loss, misuse, access, disclosure or alteration.

Please note that when providing personal information to TalentMansion via the Website, the transmission is not completely secure and will depend on your browser and internet settings. TalentMansion cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted to TalentMansion via its Website and any such transmission is at your own risk.


A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer’s hard drive, or on your mobile device. TalentMansion offers many features that are only accessible when cookies are enabled. Cookies also help us to remember your membership details and preferences.

If you visit TalentMansion with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies, we understand that you want to use our products and services. However, you can disable cookies at any time.

Find out more about cookies and learn how to adjust your cookie settings.

Third Party Websites

TalentMansion may contain links to other websites (“Third Party Websites”) and either TalentMansion or you may post your information on such other websites (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube). If you choose to use a Third Party Website, the relevant service provider (or website, as applicable) may use and share your data in accordance with its own privacy policy and your privacy settings on that Third Party Website. You should always review the privacy policies applicable to Third Party Websites to make sure you are comfortable with the ways in which they use information you share with them.


TalentMansion also uses third party remarketing cookies, in particular, Google AdWords. These remarketing services may place cookies on web browsers in order to serve ads based on past visits to our website. This means you may see ads about our service across the Internet, specifically on the Google Content Network (GCN). This allows us to make special offers and market our service to those who are interested in our service, and only display ads that are relevant to you.

We respect your privacy and do not collect or store any personally identifiable information through Google AdWords or any other third party remarketing system.

If you do not wish to see ads from TalentMansion you can opt out in several ways:

  1. Opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.
  2. Opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Spam and your email address

Your email address or Facebook account is used to identify your membership, and to sign in to the site.

After registering with TalentMansion you will receive regular casting call update emails, containing casting calls and auditions matching your profile. You may also receive our email newsletters, account updates and information about TalentMansion features, and messages from other TalentMansion members.

You can easily unsubscribe from most of our emails, either by using the ‘unsubscribe’ link provided in the email, changing your email settings on your profile or by contacting us using the information provided below. Please note that you won’t be able to unsubscribe from some emails relating to important activity on your account.

Contact details

If you wish to contact us in relation to this privacy policy, our privacy standards, or our information-handling practices please contact us using the details below:

Email: [email protected]